Frisco Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a painful bump by the big toe or the pinky toe (bunionette or tailor’s bunion). It’s always something that is inherited, but can be made worse by shoes and activities. The underlying issue is the position of the long bone next to the toe. Some people with mild bunions can get relief from wearing wider shoes and padding the area. We recommend a silicone bunion shield (which can be bought at the pharmacy or online) for patients who want to try this route. Shoe inserts and splints may help reduce the motion that causes the bunion, but won’t make the bump go away. Ultimately, if someone wants their bunion to be gone and their foot restored to normal, surgery is the only way to achieve those goals.

Drs. Heredia and Zellers practices at the forefront of minimally invasive bunion surgery, allowing her to correct even severe deformities through very small incisions. This usually enables patients to get back on their feet immediately after the procedure. Minimally invasive bunion surgery also lets patients have less swelling, less pain, and better motion more quickly after the surgery.

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